Obstacle Immunity

The outer obstacle is an illusion. The inner obstacle is all there is.

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

How can I achieve what Joe de Senna calls ‘obstacle immunity’?

Obstacle immunity is Antifragility. It is not a state, but a process, an endless practice.

Realize that the real obstacle is always within yourself. The real obstacle is your perceptions and emotions.

We view reality through a filter of meaning. Perception is interpretation. The interpretation produces the emotional response. The emotional response shapes your behavior, and with it, the trajectory of your life.

Obstacle immunity is perception mastery and emotional mastery.

Perception mastery is meaning mastery – the capacity to see the poetry in any and everything –, and attention mastery – the capacity to optimally direct attention.

Emotional mastery is recovery mastery – the capacity to return to tranquility/stillness from any point.


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