Beautiful Systems: Implementation

Learning is behavior change. (Eben Pagan)

LIVE the words.

Turn the words into WORKS. (Seneca)

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“How can I optimize Implementation?”

Think of it as an essential Life-System.

To optimize any system, you have to identify its context, its function, and its components.

Start with the Macro-Perspective.

What system is this a subsystem of?”

“What if it’s part of more than one system?”

“Use the ONE Thing model. Identify the most important one.”

“I’d say the Learning System.”

“Think of the Learning System as the background.

What’s the scope of the system?

“I’m thinking its scope is the creation of persistent structures…

Habits! Its scope is habit creation.”

“Think of habits as the compass.

What’s the most powerful habit creation tool you know?”

“James Clear’s Four Rules of Behavior Change (from his book Atomic Habits):

Make it obvious. (Cue)
Make it attractive. (Craving)
Make it easy. (Response)
Make it satisfying. (Reward)”

“Use the Four Rules as a model. Pass everything you want to implement through this filter.

How can you make it obvious?
How can you make it attractive?
How can you make it easy?
How can you make it satisfying?

You’ve identified one important component of the system.”


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