Gratitude Flooding

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What is Gratitude Flooding?”

“It’s a little Gratitude game.

Close your eyes (or not) and think of every single item in your possession, including every item of clothing, and express Gratitude for them.

Don’t just go through the motions, feel it, and let Gratitude flood your heart.

The game might look like this (personal example):

Thank you for my T-shirt.
Thank you for my jumper.
Thank you for my trousers.
Thank you for my underwear. (Yes, that too.)
Thank you for my socks.
Thank you for my watch.

Thank you for my backpack.
Thank you for my water bottle.
Thank you for my phone.
Thank you for my Kindle.
Thank you for my books.
Thank you for my mp3 player.
Thank you for my music.

Then I evoke in my mind the vast network [<link; short read] of people involved in me having those things. I thank all of them as well and send them Love.

Then I evoke in my mind the vast network of people that is Humanity. I express gratitude for being part of it, and send Love to all members of my Big Family.”

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