Applied Inversion

Fragment from imaginary dialogues

“I used to hate commercials.

In a period of my life not that long ago, which I like to call my ‘second adolescence’, when I’d not yet taken responsibility for my own life, I was very interested in propaganda and manipulation. I saw it everywhere, which fueled the anger and revolt seething inside of me at the time. 

I used to look at commercials and deconstruct them, identifying the techniques used: appeal to nationalism, appeal to fear, classical conditioning, ambiguity, etc.

Now that I’ve gotten a little bit wiser, I realize it was just a means to justify the lack of control I felt over my own life, and a radical case of observational selection bias. But back then, that was my reality.

The next stage was to tune them out completely, by not giving them any attention.”

“Were you successful? They’re quite ubiquitous.”

Very successful. Think that it is possible to not notice something right in front of your nose if you’re used to it, or focused on something else. The fact that I was lost in thought most of the time also helped.”

“What about now?”

“In an instance of Inversion [<link], of turning obstacles upside down, I’ve turned commercials into reminders [<link], of my Values, and my Purpose, and who I want to be.

I’ve also turned commercials into gateways for inner exploration. I notice how they make me feel, and ask myself why.”

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